All About Rachel.



Let me just start by saying, I’m the worst at these “About Me” things.. I feel like I’m filling out my profile for an online dating application and my ADHD makes me crazy. But here goes nothin’…

I’m Rachel. Also known as RaeRae, Rachy, Nanny, but most of all… Mama Roach. I have about 15 kids, maybe more. And those kids are also known as my friends. I wouldn’t know what I would do with them. Oh wait, yes… I would actually enjoy a night out on the town and not have to play mommy to a bunch of drunk fools. Oh but I do love them! According to my friends, I’m a pretty down to earth, positive, passionate, dependable, crazy, life of the party kind of gal. I hate controversy. I don’t understand why everyone just can’t get along and accept everyone regardless of their skin color, sexual preference, appearance, or political/religious views. I love and accept everyone! Except Roddy White… I STRONGLY dislike Roddy White.

I was raised by two incredible parents, hot boy Joe and Sally sassy pants. I am Italian and come from a rather large family, so I’m not quite sure what the phrase “be quiet” means. I truly was blessed with the greatest group of weirdos to call my family. I know everyone says they have the best family, but come on… What family baby shower consists of people passing around a bottle of Fireball and taking shots straight from the bottle? Mine does. So if you wonder where I get my crazy ways from… It’s my 7 aunts and uncles and my father who paved the way for my cousins and I. Jesus help us.

A few of my favorite things are listening to music, cooking, writing, sports, drinking, and eating. I have a wide variety with my taste in music, but I rarely do anything without listening to music. If I could cook all day, every day (and get paid) I would. My parents would enjoy knowing I love to write considering they sent me to college for 4 1/2 years where I got a degree in public relations. I believe I should have been a boy with the amount of love I have for sports. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball when I was younger for like 5 days, but I could watch sports all day and be perfectly content with it. Do I really need to explain my love for drinking and eating? I mean…. I’m from New Orleans, that should explain it all.

Welcome to my brain. I hope you enjoy it.

Yours truly,
Mama Roach


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